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      "This Tennessee mud sticks closer'n a 0 mortgage to a 40-acre tract," sighed Si, as he stopped beating and brushing his blouse and pantaloons.The fleet was gone; the great river was left a solitude; and the chill days of a fitful November passed over Quebec in alternations of rain and frost, sunshine and snow. The troops, driven by cold from their encampment on the Plains, were all gathered within the walls. Their own artillery had so battered the place that it was not easy to find shelter. The Lower Town was a wilderness of scorched and crumbling walls. As you ascend Mountain Street, the Bishop's Palace, on the right, was a skeleton of tottering masonry, and the buildings on the left were a mass of ruin, where ragged boys were playing at see-saw among the fallen planks and timbers. [816] Even in the Upper 328

      "Our own wagons, that we had such a time guarding, are over there in the cedars, and the rebels are filling themselves up with the stuff that we were so good to bring up for them."An old skiff had been dragged up on top of the bank and turned over.

      His arms dropped to his sides. Pen hurriedly began to tell her story.

      "How do you suppose he made his getaway?" asked Riever, still watching her. "Every yard of the shore has been searched, every native questioned."

      "It's the only thing to do," said Don simply.



      The rebel line was in the weeds which bordered the branch when the Captain gave the order to fire.The Captain turned to give the order to Corp'l Klegg, but the teamster struck his mule with his whip, and went tearing on through the brush before the order could be given.72



      At last Si succeeded in picking up another over coat and blanket out of the mud, and started to go back to the regiment.88